andrew eakle

Playing Erik—"shy but serious sound man for a Christian heavy metal band. ‘On fire for Christ,’ and just about to fall in love for the first time.”

Andrew is an actor, writer, and director born inIndianapolis, Indiana, and currently based in Charleston, South Carolina. Throughout childhood, Andrew performed in dozens of school plays, going on to play leading men like Romeo and Ringo Starr in his high school's theatre productions.

In college, Andrew transitioned from stage to screen, working on a variety of student and independent short films, including existential drama PURPLE and family drama AND STILL. But he also continued acting in independently produced plays, performing at diverse venues across the Midwest like Kings Island, the Indiana State Fair, IndyFringe, and the Basile Theatre at the historic Anthenaeum. Most recently, he performed in South of Broadway TheaterCompany’s "Les Liaisons Dangereuses."


caleb hoffmann

Playing Scotty—"surfer boy handsome drummer for a small town Christian heavy metal band; bit of a clown, not-too-smart, loves Jesus."

Caleb was born and raised in Mountain Home, Arkansas, where he began acting at a young age. Wearing costumes sewn by Grandmamma and swinging swords carpentered by Granddaddy, Caleb and his three older brothers’ antics were captured by a VHS camcorder and turned into epic home movies.

It only took half a semester of high school theatre to convince teenage Caleb that acting was his passion. He studied at Creative Actors Studio in Springfield, Missouri while working on farm back home, and eventually moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he framed houses and built cabinets while taking professional acting classes.

During this time, Caleb played drums and toured with the regional Christian worship band, Leaving 99.

Caleb has appeared in numerous indie film, television, and music video projects. His most recent feature, Small Group, is a faith-based comedy which was released in late 2018.


shannon hutchinson

Playing Sarah—"middle daughter of a Pentecostal preacher, aching to sing and play in front of big crowds...and to get out of Alabama."

Shannon has appeared in film and regional theatre—most recently in the feature film Assassinaut and in Everyman Theatre's production of "Wait Until Dark."

Shannon graduated from Baltimore School for the Arts with a concentration in acting, and is now pursuing Computer Science and Film at Temple University. She is a frequenter of the university’s sketch show and improv club, and is the multimedia editor of the student newspaper.

Shannon was a finalist for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge with a video explaining Hawking radiation.


wyatt lenhart

Playing Michael—"charismatic front man of a Christian heavy metal band. Devout, serious but likes to laugh...think young Bono, but all-American."

Wyatt is an actor-singer and songwriter born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has pursued acting from a young age, taking part in numerous musical theatre productions including leading roles in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Into The Woods, and Tom Sawyer Musical.

A chance meeting with voice actor Vic Mignogna led to his playing Pavel Chekov in the award-winning webseries Star Trek Continues.

Wyatt is a classically trained musician who has also studied Jazz and Audio Engineering (at UVU). He writes, performs, and produces his own music.


will oliver

Playing Jamie—"lead guitarist for a small town Christian heavy metal band: confident, easy-going, more into Jimi than Jesus."

Will is a native of Columbus, Georgia who is pursuing his BFA in Theatre Performance at Columbus State University. A veteran of CSU, GeorgiaRep, and Springer Opera House stages, Will recently made his feature film debut in Ty Mann’s “REDEEMED”.

Will’s first stage appearance was at Columbus’ The Bridge Church. He attended North Columbus Elementary School, Veterans Memorial Middle School, and graduated from North Side High School where he was active in The Patriot Players . Will is an alumni-turned instructor at The Springer Opera House’s Summer Theater Academy.

Will is not shy to call the Chattahoochee Valley home: “This place has made me who I am and I absolutely love it. Being from Columbus inspires me to make the people in my city proud.”


gunner willis

Playing Cliff—“good-natured and gullible bass player for a small town Christian hair metal band; the oldest, but not wisest, member of the band.”

Gunner grew up (to 6’7”!) in Boiling Springs, South Carolina where his grandfather played guitar in an old-style rock and gospel band. Gunner started making short films with friends in eighth grade and hasn’t stopped since. His latest film, CRIME TIME, is available now.

Gunner has been cast in several episodic series (Ozark, Vice Principals, Dead Silent), and cites John Goodman, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Robin Williams as his acting heroes. He’s also appeared in numerous award-winning short films—many of which he’s also written and/or directed. Gunner’s work as a writer-director is most notably influenced by his affection for French auteur Jacques Tati (Jacques Tati Officiel).

Gunner recently co-founded and serves as Creative Director for the filmmaking collective, dUMB.